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Terms & conditions

Prices are available in our warehouse, Perhekunnantie 3, 00430 Helsinki, Finland. In the event of a possible reporting error, we reserve the right to correct prices. The use products for professional use in private sector is prohibited for safety reasons. In the case of pick up the buyer or carrier must comply with the transport regulations required by law. A prerequisite for credit sales to companies is a positive recommendation by the credit company’s risk rating. The maximum payment term for credit sales is 14 days. Failure to pay the invoice will result in a reminder. A reminder fee 5.05€ (VAT 0%) is charged for sending a reminder. If the amount due is not paid, the receivable will be sent for recovery. We reserve the right to change the payment terms by prior notice.

Rules for returns and equipment rentals:

Returns of goods will only be accepted if the delivery has not been in accordance with the order or if the goods are defective. The delivered goods must be inspected and the error reported at the latest within 3 days. If the return is due to a customer order error or if the return has not been agreed in advance, a maximum of 50% of the net order value will be refunded.  The seller is not responsible for the cost of returning the product. The seller has the right not to accept as returns products that require special storage conditions (for example also waxes or waxy products during the winter). Equipment rental does not cover damage or loss to the user, lessee, third party or damage to another object or person during the rental.